How to Increase  Exposure of your Brand through Video Production

Search engines and Social Media are where your focus should be, when increasing your exposure of your brand through video production. Not surprisingly, videos are the top search results. When a person is searching for a specific service or product, if they do a search on google, they are most likely only going to click on the first video that appears. Thus, social media websites are pushing video content, as it allows them to charge more for advertisement.

Written content was king in the past, but today videos are watched more than reading through a long list of product features. Videos can be shared across the Social Media platforms. It encourages and adds social proof to your video and the sharing bolsters confidence in your brand or product. Video production Los Angeles expert, Lemonlight Media encourages their clients to maintain a strong social media presence as it allows those companies to better engage their current clients/patients, and opens them up to new consumers.

Small businesses with a strong internet presence can boost sales by two fold, or more. It is important to have a good website that is simple to use, that way you increase your conversions. (Conversions are how measured by how many visitors who were active on your website either purchased you product or scheduled an appointment with you). Research done by Mike Byron shows that 85% of your site’s visitors are more likely to buy a product once they’ve seen it explained in a video.

There are various video marketing strategies, some much more efficient than other. Here are some of the most efficient video marketing tactics implemented by some of the biggest video production companies in Los Angeles.

How to Videos

Most persons rely on the internet to search for a solution to a problem. The study shows 1 in 3 millennials purchased things because they saw a video of the product. It is very popular now to have fun, vibrant videos of products to target millennials and young adults.

Explainer Videos & White Board Animation Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your business or brand to your targeted audience, This will show potential customers how they can trust your product or service. Explainer videos can include anything from animated explainer videos, even demo videos. The most popular explainer videos at the moment are the “Tasty” videos, which shows viewers how to make certain dishes. They are captivating, easy to follow, and make it seem feasible to replicate the recipe.

Video Testimonials

Testimonial videos can help increase your business incredibly well. When a person sees a nice, trusting face vouch for you and your services or products, they are more likely to approach you. This is specially true with professionals, such as dentists or lawyers. If a dentist has a testimonial video on their homepage, that visitor is more likely to pick up the call and choose you as their new dentist. Same goes for lawyers and doctors. Having a trusting face explain how great their experience was with you is great for business.

Walk Through Videos

Customers like to feel special so it is important to give the utmost attention and treatment they deserve, Walk through videos let you put yourself into your customer’s shoes, Try to see their perspective before starting to create the video.

Video Speeches and Events

These are used to give a delightful message to your customers or promote an upcoming event. Greet and thank your customers once in a while. If you’re attending an event where you’re one of the main speakers, film your speech and post it to your social media and website to showcase your expertise.

Considerations About LA Video Production

Since there are many LA Video Productioncompanies for you to choose from, you should inquire things such as: Will I have the video myself? Despite the fact that this practice is turning out to be less and less normal, some video specialist co-ops will persuade you to have your recordings on their YouTube channel or, more awful yet, their own particular restrictive facilitating administration. It’s your video. You paid for it. So ensure you receive each one of the rewards by facilitating it yourself. In the event that you don’t have a YouTube channel, make one.

Important Considerations about LA Video Production

It doesn’t take long. You can also ask your video administrations supplier to make a channel for your sake and transfer the video. Most organizations will do this for a little charge. Ask also: Will you be utilizing proficient sound and lighting hardware? The single greatest refinement between a beginner and expert generation is sound. On the off chance that your video administrations supplier is not utilizing any outer sound hardware for meetings or different scenes where thesound is essential, try not to pay much for their administrations.

Despite the fact that it may not be exactly as imperative as sound, quality lighting is significant if your video is to emerge as anexpert, particularly on the off chance that you are shooting inside. Remember that this hardware is costly and takes years of experience and expertise to work appropriately, so you ought to hope to pay in any event seven hundred and fifty dollars per day for an organization shooting with legitimate sound and lighting gear. There are many other considerations, but these are the basic ones in case your wish is to be able to hire a true expert LA video producer so you can promote your products and services better.